Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Project (PHRRP) booth at Global Hindu Conference – San Jose, CA raises $320 for program

San Jose, California (April 27, 2014):

The booth depicting photos of Pakistani Hindu refugee’s relief effort raised $320 for program. Rahul Chandra, director of Pakistan Hindu refugee relief program educated audience on ongoing relief efforts at Rajasthan and Delhi based refugee camps.

Currently two donation events are in planning phases, one at Delhi by Delhi based regional coordinator – Hemant Kumar & another in Jodhpur for providing tents to 06 newly arrived families.


For donations to this program please visit:

[Under Empowerment]


Contact Rahul Chandra, Director – PHRR Program (data given below) for more information and engagement. PHRR would appreciate if you can organize an event in your regional area (worldwide), send donation material (new clothes, packaged food, items of daily sustenance – utensils, personal hygiene, medicines etc.)

GHF can provide you an address to ship such items and coordinate. Group of persons / organization can also sponsor purchase of land near such camps for permanent housing.

Director,PHRR Program

U.S., Canada:  1-(800)-749-5118 

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