Houston Hindus – Dilip Mehta, Dr. Rudranath Talukdar Contributes $500 School Supplies for Pakistan Hindu Refugees Children

Houston Hindu leader Dilip Mehta, Rahul Chandra Sharma with school mgmt, VHP functionaries

29 Dec 2019, Jodhpur, India

Dilip Mehta – former Hindu Mahasabha of America president and American Hindu Patriarch visited two Pakistan Hindu refugee camps site in Jodhpur, the one in Gangana area has 600+ families, and is one of the largest Hindu refugee site of migrated Hindus from Pakistan. Local Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) unit started a school for approx. 200+ small children between 3year – 7 year  (Bal Sanskar Kendra) to fill in the gap of no nearby school, VHP has also appointed few volunteers who will manage the school business as usual activities, 2-3 teachers etc.


Dilip Mehta addressing a gathering of 150+ children
Dilip Mehta , Houston resident, addressing a gathering of 150+ children


The school will work in lines of Ekal Vidhyalaya. The teacher lives in nearby localities. Though the four walls of the school are now built, the roof is pending, for which local VHP functionary has pledged donation. In Dilip Mehta’s visit, the fund (approx. 500 USD, 35000 INR) was contributed by Houston resident Dr. Rudranath Talukdar, this enabled the school to buy furniture, school supplies like chalks, slate boards, mini study tables, an office wardrobe etc. items were provided to the school to kick start the education sessions and sustain it for long term.

Rahul Chandra Sharma, Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Program Director addressing gathering of refugee children

The contribution empowered the school, supporting the educational need of 250+ students. The event news was also covered in news by Rajasthan Patrika . Later Dilip Mehta also gave a speech addressing 100+ children, thanking Hindu Americans, esp. Dr. Rudranath Talukdar for supporting such noble act.

Rajasthan Patrika coverage of the news event


Among the dignitaries were VHP Province Co-Chief , Mahendra Rajpurohit, Dharam Parasar secretary, Shalinder Singh Badhauria, Province Seva chief, Jeevraj Shrimali, Amit Soni, Hukumram Singhghtiya, Vikram Rajpurohit, Bajrang Dal Co-Chief Vikram Parihar, Pakistan Hindu Refugee relief director Rahul Chandra Sharma were present.

Source: Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Project


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