Donate Funds

Your donation will support, sustain and empower Pakistani Hindu Refugee relief project. All donors who send us e-mail ID receive updates on program progress and the event where their donation has been expected. Our project board include representatives from multiple US and Indian organizations as listed under contact us section and all donations, expenses along with receipts are shared with entire board via. secure project management software. Donors are free to contact any board member for any clarification and get guidance.

**Important – Please include your valid Name, E-mail ID, Phone and address in the postage envelop for our records, receipt copy and e-updates on PHRRP Program. Also if possible, please email mentioning your name, and cheque amount etc. / online amount to   That way our office will reply back with the receipt and your donation pics, video and thank you note for your records.



Please mail check payable to:    GLOBAL HINDU FOUNDATION INC.  

MAILING ADDRESS:                    5773 WOODWAY DRIVE STE 86  HOUSTON  TX  USA  77057

VIA. PAYPAL               


Important – Please include your email and Donation for PHRRP while submitting donation in notes, we recommend Paypal donations as this reduces our manual process work, generates and e-mail you the receipt for your donation and is prompt.

** Note donations are not Tax Deductible under 80(G) under India and 501(c)3 under USA.

Foundations that manage donation and financial process are not for profits legal entities registered under respective country corporate law but are not tax exempt foundations.


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